The work we do behind the scene seamlessly integrates the multiple facets of a successful beverage program.

Large Scale Service Operations

Alchemy Consulting Large Scale Service Operations

We have developed products and training methodologies specifically to enable large scale, multi-outlet operations to efficiently and consistently produce quality cocktails.

Financial Analysis

Alchemy Consulting Financial Analysis

We have years of experience developing profitable, responsible and reliable systems for monitoring and managing restaurant and bar finances. We have tools to break down an operations numbers and allow ownership to move forward with the necessary information to make responsible financial decisions.

Staff selection and training

Alchemy Consulting Staff selection and training

During an interview, our goal is to determine the aptitude and drive of an individual and whether they have the ability to continue to grow and learn in a complex and involved industry.

Cocktail list development

Alchemy Consulting Cocktail list development

Alchemy has helped set the standards for classic-style cocktails. Our growing database of cocktails is a product of intense historical research and creative output while using the best spirits, produce, and techniques.

Spirit selection

Alchemy Consulting Spirit selection

Interpreting the vast amount of spirit options into a meaningful, profitable program is balancing the quality of a product in relation to its cost. Alchemy is in constant communication with spirit brands, aware of new products as they become available. We create a spirit list beyond customers’ expectations without breaking the bank.

Ice Program Development

Alchemy Consulting Ice Program Development

Ice is as integral to a bartender as a stove is to a chef. We specialize in the equipment and techniques necessary to produce the best possible ice for premium preparation and presentation.

Customized Juices, Syrups, and Bitters

Alchemy Consulting Customized Juices, Syrups, and Bitters

Juices are always fresh. Syrups are developed in house with seasonal ingredients. We work with clients to develop customized bitters to enhance nuance and add aromatic complexity. Where customized preparation is not ideal we provide a full line of products to consistently create high quality cocktails.

Ergonomic bar design

Alchemy Consulting Ergonomic bar design

A fast bartender is a profitable bartender. A bar that doesn't break the bartender's back translates into less turnover. We will spend hours of our own time finding ways to shave seconds off the time it takes to make a drink.

Barware equipment consultation

Alchemy Consulting Barware equipment consultation

There is no such thing as one stop shopping for bar equipment. Alchemy stays up to date on how to get the best value for the best equipment by multiple retailers, from strainers to glassware, juicers to ice machines.